The International Office of the FHS St.Gallen

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The International Office of the FHS St.Gallen promotes mobility of students and staff at all levels. It establishes partnerships with universities all over the world and coordinates the implementation of the internationalisation strategy of the FHS and the individual departments. Its work includes:


  • Adding an international perspective to the module content, e.g. specialist discourse at international level
  • Advice and support with providing English courses, e.g. on the International Management program
  • Advice on Intercultural Development Inventory for students
  • Advice and support with organising summer schools, e-learning projects, etc.
  • Arranging and looking after guest lecturers


  • Assessing and establishing partnerships
  • Maintaining international networks
  • Welcoming and looking after delegations
  • Participating in international associations/committees


  • Responsible for everything relating to the Swiss-European Mobility Programme (SEMP)
  • Supporting FHS students (outgoings) with a semester /stay abroad
  • Supporting and looking after international students (incomings) at the FHS
  • Supporting FHS lecturers and staff (faculty outgoings) with teaching assignments or research trips
  • Supporting and looking after international lecturers and staff (faculty incomings)

University culture

  • Offering internal training courses, e.g. basics of intercultural communication for teaching staff
  • Introducing international aspects and raising awareness of them among committees and specialist units
  • Organising international conferences and events
  • Advising and supporting lecturers and staff on sabbaticals

Greetings from all over the world